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I love the game.It's beautiful.

I loved this so much! It's nice to finally play an indie game from a fellow Belgian. Any plans on this game for the future?

Hello, my Name is Marcel from germany. Your game is really greate. It was only a short Demo but i love it. I made a little Video from the Game. I hope it is okay.
Cant wait to play more from this game :) Thank you!

Hello Marcel, thank you a lot for your video :D We're glad you loved it !

Sorry for the problem you came across on the second planet, we will fix it for a next demo.

We keep working on this project to be a full game one day !

Thanks again,



Salut ! Oma Lost est un jeu vraiment incroyable! Les graphismes et les personnages sont vraiment sympathiques, en tout cas je me suis réellement amusé. Bonne continuation pour la suite ! x)

Ah ah merci beaucoup pour ta vidéo et tes impressions, on est content que tu aies passé un bon moment ! :D ça nous fait, en plus d'un chouette playtest, chaud au coeur ^^ . C'est vraiment cool en plus que tu fasses toutes ces vidéos sur des petits jeux qui sortent par ci par là :)


Hello guys! I'm from Fireplace, the team behind Oneiros!

I just finished you game... Wow, to think you were only two on this one is amazing! The feeling is really cool (sadly the music may be a bit repetitive). I'd really like to see a full game from it, maybe mixing more the gameplay elements you've set.

Nice polishing by the way, I only noted that, if I use the key on the "machine" when the circle is already turning, this circle will start moving again of a quarter of a circle from its actual position (and the impatient player can end up stucked).

Hi :D Thank you for what you said !

And thanks for the comment, we will fix that in the future :) Yes we hope Oma Lost will be a full game one day, we will make it possible.

On my way to try your game :)